Chinese City of 11m People Locked Down After COVID-19 Surge

A City of 11 million people in the northern part of China, Hebei province, has been locked down, in order to contain a new surge in COVID-19 cases in recent times.

All movement, in and out of the City, whether by rail, air or road, has been cut off.

This is coming after about 117 COVID-19 cases were discovered in the region, 67 of which were asymptomatic.

Since January 2, a total of 304 positive cases have been reported in Hebei — most of which were in Shijiazhuang, official figures show.

A bird’s eye view of Hebei Province.

The city is located just 180 miles (289.6 kilometers) southwest of Beijing — about three hours’ drive away, or an hour on the high-speed rail.

At a press conference Thursday, municipal officials announced a ban on outbound travel for all residents and vehicles from Shijiazhuang, except for emergencies.

Within the city, gatherings are banned, all schools have been suspended, and residential communities and villages are also closed off.

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