Nigerians Hit out on President Buhari, After Boko Haram Kill 5 People in Video

Again President Muhammadu Buhari has come under a wave of criticism from Nigerians, after the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, killed some persons and recorded it in a video.

On Wednesday, the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP), a branch of Boko Haram, released a video clip wherein 5 men, suspected to be Christians were killed.

According to reports, the deceased were nabbed in the Garkida area of Adamawa State on Christmas eve, after which they were taken to an uninhabited area and murdered.

However, Nigerians on Twitter have criticised the President for his laxity in handling the insecurity issues in the country. For instance, Modele Yanju using (@shrewdasaid), as their handle, said, “Now, where are the critics of Bishop Kukah? Everyone is hibernating, not saying a word to oppose these killers, busy having nightmares over Eastern Security Network proposals. These killers have become a major cash cow for God-knows-who. Judgment time is nearer than they think.”

Similarly, Smithken (@Smithke12630696) said, “Tell me why I should continue to go to church when those who gave us Christianity are keeping quiet in the face of these religious cleansing.”

Augustine Okoloise (@AustinOkoloise) said, “If Christians do this to Muslims, how would they feel? I know how they reacted to Trump antagonistic behaviours, our Christian religious leaders apart from Apostle Suleiman and Bishop Oyedepo, I really don’t know the names to call them, CAN is the most useless religion body.”

David Eboh (@DavidEboh5) said, “May their souls RIP. The killers and those killed are under the same embrace of death. The only difference is the time. Therefore, it’s not a victory for them. Life is a brief candle, more like a walking shadow, a mere stage where each plays a role judged for good or evil.”

Kadura (@AUyaelumuo) said, “I thought Buhari was supposed to pay them ransom as he did for Kantara boys or are these ones not Nigerians?”

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