Drama in the UK as Prime Minister’s Father Applies for French Citizenship

Stanley Johnson, the father of Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has applied for French citizenship, just 48 hours after the UK’s exit (popularly called Brexit) from the European Union was officially finalized. Although a Conservative who had won a seat in the European Parliament in 1979 and later worked in the European Commission, Stanley Johnson has had opposing views against his own son in recent decades, especially in politics. Same as Boris’ aunt, veteran journalist Rachel Johnson, and Boris’ uncle, the Conservative member of parliament (MP).

Rachel Johnson, a veteran journalist

Boris Johnson seems to have digressed from the views of his family, who all believe that close links with fellow European countries for economic and sociopolitical policies was the way to go. Rachel Johnson, Boris’ aunt, defected from the Conservative Party to the Liberal Democrats ahead of UK’s 2017 Election in protest against the Brexit. It is on record that she and Boris’ father voted Remain in the 2016 Brexit Referendum, when the Leave vote won with a small margin. The Prime Minister’s uncle, Jo Johnson, in 2018 resigned from the UK cabinet in solidarity for closer link with the EU.

Stanley Johnson says he remains a European, disclosing that his mother, the Prime Minister’s grandmother, was born in France, and had a french mother. Hence, to him, it is not about becoming French, as he already naturally French, but about reclaiming what he already has.

Stanley Johnson, 80, firmly opposed Brexit. But Boris, his son, championed the Brexit cause, and later took the UK away from the European Union after he became the Prime Minister.

Joseph Edmund Johnson, a Member of Parliament in the UK

Source: The BBC

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