Permitting Underage Married Girls to Vote is Committing Electoral Fraud- Senator Olujimi

Senator Biodun Olujimi, who represents Ekiti South Senatorial district, has said that she will in no way support any bill that will be brought on the floor of the house permitting underage married girls to vote.

Olujimi who said this while chatting with PUNCH correspondents on Tuesday, said such a law seeks to support advocates of underage marriage and as such, she won’t be a party to it.

This is coming after a motion in this regard was moved by some Senators last week. Chairman, Senate Committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission, Senator Kabiru Gaya, and his counterpart in the House of representatives, Aisha Dukku, presented the proposal to a Technical Committee on the Electoral Act Amendment Bill.

But Olujimi said, “The idea of capturing underage married girls in our electoral system by recognising them as voters doesn’t make sense. Only the adult, as defined by the Nigerian constitution should be eligible to vote. Why should we be proposing a law that would suddenly turn our young children to adults?”

Senator Olujimi of Ekiti South.

“The first thing to attack is the issue of child marriage. We should have a minimum. There has to be a standard to qualify a lady to be either an adult or eligible voter and our constitution has clarified that already.”

“We must stick to our voting age. The proposal is a smart way of bringing a huge chunk of people into the voting system. That is not right, it is not correct.”

“Whoever that is married to an underage lady should be patient until such a girl turns 18 before, she should be allowed to vote. This may even prevent those marrying underage girls from further defiling our children.”

Underage marriage is common in Northern Nigeria.

“When the matter is brought to the floor of the Senate, we will surely be there to attack and reject it because I will not sit down and watch my 14-year-old granddaughter, turned into an adult all of a sudden because you want to commit electoral fraud.”

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