Nigeria Can Dominate Rice Production in Africa- Bagudu

Abubakar Bagudu, who is the Governor of Kebbi State, has said that Nigeria is doing quite well in the area of rice production, much more than many countries.

Bagudu went on to say that countries that started rice production long before Nigeria began sell stale rice that has been stored in warehouses for long, while Nigeria on the other hand, sells freshly produced rice.

Bagudu said this while speaking on Arise News on Tuesday.

“We have done well in the last few years. Nigeria is competitive with other countries in rice production. There is no country that can sell rice to us if we compare things. What has been happening is that countries that are stronger than us, countries that started early are selling subsidised rice to us, or rice that has been kept in storage for many years but we are selling freshly produced rice.”

Bagudu added that with the right investment and capital infrastructure, Nigeria has the potential to dominate on the rice front in the West African sub region and the continent at large.

“With the support we are receiving, the funding from the domestic economy, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Capital Market that is beginning to get interested, we believe that we have what it takes to continue to dominate and expand ourselves outside the shores of Nigeria,” he added.

He further said that, “The agricultural revolution across the whole country including Kebbi is still on its way and we are counting on agriculture to lead us out of recession despite the downturn in other sectors.”

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