COVID-19 Claims life of Nigerian Musician, Biglo

Lotanna Udezue, also known by his stage name, Biglo, has died.

The former musician, it is believed, died in the United States after taking I’ll with COVID-19.

He had posted on the 11th of December that he was down with the virus that has caused a worldwide pandemic, after months of trying to avoid it.

Biglo made a name for himself in the early 2000s, often featuring alongside 2Shotz and the Styl-Plus music band.

He was recently known to be suffering with kidney disease. Jazzman Olofin posted on Instagram, saying “Dear BIGLO, heard the sad news last night you passed away. You fought bravely all the way but GOD Almighty knows best. We’ll keep the fire burning. Rest in peace, bro.”

Biglo featured alongside Styl-Plus back in the day.


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