NGO Kicks Against forceful Vaccination, Opposes Religious Restrictions too

An NGO, the Equity International Initiative (EII) has warned the Federal Government against forcing the COVID-19 vaccine on Nigerians.

Helen Okon who heads the EII told journalists in Abuja on Thursday that they have told the Federal Government not to sign agreements with pharmaceutical firms whose indemnity clauses are against Nigerians.

“Nigerians do not want vaccines. The next question that must be asked is the safety of this hurriedly put together vaccine. The UK that was the first to administer the vaccine has advised citizens with allergies not to take it.

“And Nigeria has signed an agreement with a pharmaceutical company that has an indemnity clause in its favour. Nigeria needs to be very sure that any vaccine that comes into the country is safe, and should be optional. Remember the Pfizer meningitis vaccine debacle in Kano in 1996,” Okon said.

She said, “Religious gatherings have once again been told to restrict attendance to 50 per cent capacity and are now being told not to gather to usher in the New Year. These are indeed unusual times, but caution should be exercised in eroding civil liberties.”

She also spoke against the decision to leave markets open but lockdown to restrict worship centres.

“Government’s intention to put restrictions on places of worship should be retracted. Noting that more vulnerable places as markets are still open, there is no logic in putting restrictions on churches and other worship centres.”

Equity International initiative is a Non– Governmental, Non-Profit, Civil Rights Organization committed to promoting justice, equity, rule of law and religious freedom.

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