Muslim Fans Insult Mohamed Salah for Celebrating Christmas

Muslim fans of Liverpool forward, Mohamed Salah, have castigated the Premier League top scorer for celebrating Christmas so elaborately.

The Egyptian forward who is of Islamic religion posted a picture of himself and family adorning Christmas regalia and posing around a Christmas tree.

This irked alot of fans who are fellow Muslims with Salah. One of them, clearly an Arsenal fan stated, “that’s why Mohammed Elneny is the Egyptian king & not you.”

Another preferred to let Allah decide his fate, “Today You are a Christian and tomorrow you are Muslim. You will explain this to your creator.”

Some however, in defense of Salah, hit out at all his critics, Chisom said “Why are Muslims triggered? This religion disgust me with their hypocrisy. Let a man live his life the way he pleases!”

Another, Busby, said, “Mo Salah is celebrating Christmas. In my country it’s haram for Muslims to celebrate Christmas.”

This is not the first time the Liverpool forward will be doing this. He did this last year and drew a lot of anger from his Muslim fans.

In Islam, Jesus, who is called Isa is regarded as one of the prophets and thr name of Mary, or Mariam, as the Qur’an calls it, is mentioned more than that of any other woman. In fact, there is a whole Surah named after her.

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