People close to Buhari are in Charge of Nigeria, not Him- Apt. Okikijesu Prophecies about Buhari, 2023

A pastor with the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, Apostle Paul Okikijesu, has said that it was revealed to him that President Muhammadu Buhari is not the one in charge of the country, but those around him.

The man of God said the President, who turned 78 last week is a very stubborn man who has refused to heed to God’s counsel. He added that Buhari has chosen to ignore the counsel of clerics, ex-presidents, informed business men and bankers, and has chosen instead to listen to people who can’t help him.

Okikijesu pastors Christ Apostlic Miracle Ministry.

“Thus says the Lord of hosts…, this man is very stubborn, because he is not the one that is governing the country. It is some people that are very close to him that are governing the Nation,” Okikijesu said in a series of prophesies he made available to DAILY POST on Monday.

“It is whatever they say that the President will do; whatever step that they ask him to take is the step that he will take. The judgment of I the Lord will come upon all these people. Write this period down, their journey will be filled with a bitter and severe judgment, unless they change and turn to Me, says the Lord God of hosts.”

“Thus says the Lord, Nigeria needs supervision and lots of prayer during this period because I the Lord is not pleased with bloodshed of the youths who are the future of the country that were killed.”

On the forthcoming elections, he said “Thus says the Lord, some of the political aspirants for the 2023 Election will not be able to continue this journey because their existing sickness will cause their demise.

Apostle Paul Okikijesu in his regalia.

“Their doctors will tell them that their soul or existence is in the hand of God, due to the severity of their illness; since there is no powerful being that has power over his/her soul. I the Lord will be showing signs everywhere and people will believe that I am the Lord.”

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