Stepmother Whom Bishop Oyedepo Prophesied Will Die Wretched, to be Buried Today

Aasiyat Bello Oyedepo, the stepmother of the President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, whom the bishop prophesied in 2013 will die wretched except she embraced Christ and become a Christian, died on the last day of Shiloh 2020, 12th December 2020, and is set to be buried today, in the Omuaran home of the Oyedepo extended family, Kwara State. Aasiyat is one of the four wives of Mr Bello Oyedepo, the father of Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo. The overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (alias Winners Chapel) had successfully led his father and mother to Christianity, along with his immediate siblings, but the three other wives of Bello Oyedepo adhered to their Islamic faith regardless.

Bishop Oyedepo was born Hassan Olaniyi Oyedepo, but his mother was a Christian before she got married to Bello Oyedepo. But as mandated, she had to change to a Muslim after marrying Bello.

Aasiyat, one of the other three wives who remained fervent in Islam, continued to rebuff the bishop’s attempts to make her convert into a Christian, and with the help of the Muslim ummah, got her longtime wish to embark on Hajj in 2014, despite the efforts of her children, whom have also become Christians, to stop her from the journey.

Aasiyat had, however, lived in a poor environment despite her children appearing to be well-to-do.

The woman had died on Saturday, 12th December, 2020 after a brief illness from which it appeared she had recovered recently, only to suffer a relapse and give up the ghost on Saturday. Coincidentally, the same day Winners Chapel was having her grand finale of Shiloh 2020 programme, broadcast across the world, titled “Turnaround Encounters”.

In a short article to appraise her faith in Islam, one Dr Aliyu U. Tilde, on a Muslim News Nigeria website, said that he was proud of the fervent faith of “sister Aasiyat Bello Oyedepo”, applauding her for not bending to the influence of Bishop Oyedepo, to denounce her faith. Tilde described how he personally traced Aasiyat to meet her shortly after the Bishop had prophesied that she will die wretched unless she became a Christian.

Dr Tilde said he was involved in ‘abducting’ her away from the family residence in Omuaran Community after it became obvious that her children were in the know about her plans to go on Hajj and were attempting to stop the plans. He said he made some connections with the Hajj Commission in Ilorin to ensure that she was included among the candidates for Hajj, and successfully embark on it.

He said the entire Muslim Ummah are proud of her and send their condolences to the entire families of the Oyedepo, including that of the Bishop David Oyedepo.

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