FIFA Okays 14 Weeks Maternity Leave for Female Players

On Friday, the world football governing body, FIFA approved 14 weeks as maternity leave for female footballers.

The proposal to grant female players a leave had been on the table since November.

Life has been made easier for female footballers.

According to the information made available by FIFA, two thirds of the wages of the nursing mothers must mandatorily be paid by their clubs during that period of 14-weeks.

There has been alot of stigma against nursing footballers.

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino made this known in a video clip the football top body released on Twitter.

Also contained in the new reforms is the stipulation that clubs must integrate these players back into the team after the leave, aswell as cover their medical bills.

“The players are the protagonist of the game, they are the most important part of the game and we have to make sure that we set the stage for them to shine,” he said.

“When it comes to female players, we should bring more stability to their careers. For example, if they need to take a maternity leave, then they don’t have to worry. If we are serious about boosting the women’s game, we have to look at all these aspects.”


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