Appeal Court Dismisses Maryam Sanda’s Appeal, Upholds Death Sentence

The sentence of Maryam Sanda, who was convicted in connection with the killing of her husband, Bilyamin Mohammed Bello, has been upheld by a Court of Appeal in Abuja.

In January 2020, Justice Yusuf Halilu sentenced Sanda to death by hanging after she was arraigned alongside two others on a two-count charge of homicide.

Justice Halibu, in his ruling, had said: “She should reap what she has sown, for it has been said that ‘thou shall not kill’ and whoever kills in cold blood deserves death as his own reward.”

“Convict also clearly deserves to die. Accordingly, I hereby sentence Maryam Sanda to death by hanging until she dies.”

The defendant’s legal team had expressed discontent with the ruling back then, saying the ruling was made with no “confessional statement, absence of murder weapon, lack of corroboration of evidence by two or more witnesses and lack of autopsy report to determine the true cause of her husband’s death.”The team also posited that Justice Halibu “erred and misdirected himself by usurping the role of the Police when he assumed the duty of an Investigating Police Officer (IPO), as contained in page 76 of his judgment.”Consequently, Sanda appealed the ruling at the Appeal Court, in an attempt to overturn the ruling.However, the ruling was upheld by the Appeal Court on Friday.

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