Sani Labels Buratai as “Bankrupt of New Ideas” after Army Chief Claimed Terrorism May Linger for 20 Years

Former Senator Shehu Sani has labelled the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai as a man who is bankrupt of ideas.

Sani was reacting to comments made by the 60-year-old service chief, on the state of terrorism in Nigeria and when it may end.

Buratai had said some few days after the massacre of farmers by Boko Haram, “There is the likelihood of terrorism persisting in Nigeria for another 20 years.”

Tukur Buratai feels terrorism will not end any time soon.

“It only depends on the level of escalation and the appropriate responses by all stakeholders, both civil and military authorities.”

“Citizens’ responsibility is equally important and imperative. All must cooperate to contain the lingering insecurity.”

Sani is not impressed with Buratai’s claims.

Shehu Sani took to his Twitter account to lament, saying: “Telling our people that the insurgency will last 20 years after repeated misleading claims of victories attests to the failure of those saddled with the responsibility of leading the fight. It also signifies the resignation and bankruptcy of new ideas and strategies.”

The Tweet.

The Federal Government has often given Nigerians false hopes of an end to the insurgency in the country that began in 2009, and that has since killed thousands and displaced over 2 million people. This has led many to believe that the Government and some persons have a hand in the terrorism.

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