Battleground States Certify Biden’s Wins as Trump Bullies Republican Governors

The Presidential Election in the six battleground States of United States of America, have all certified the Democratic Party (opposition) candidate Joseph Robinette Biden Jr as the winner of the Presidential Election in their states, narrowing down president Donald John Trump’s chances of overturning the election results in the key States through delaying certification and filing frivolous suits to challenge the integrity of the elections in the contended States. Arizona and Wisconsin, the last of these States, certified the elections in their states yesterday.

The six States where Trump Campaign’s legal team had mounted challenges and alleged election fraud so far, are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In two of the three instances where Trump successfully facilitated recounts, Biden Jr got additional net votes.

The Trump Campaign’s legal team have so far lost almost all their court suits, trying to stop counting of ballots or claiming that the elections were rife with fraud. But their apparent lack of evidence or logic, has left them losing most of their law suits aimed at stopping the State Government authorities from certifying the State results.

The General Service Administration (GSA) has already begun the transition formalities with Biden’s team, a move seen as an apparent evidence that the Trump Campaign is only trying to please the president fighting a war they know they have already lost. Official Federal Government agencies relevant to Cyber Security and Election Monitoring have acknowledged that there are no widespread election fraud, while Republicans in the top echelons of State Electoral Commissions have defended the integrity of the Presidential Election. Many well known Republicans have acknowledged Biden Jr as the President-Elect, further isolating Trump and his legal team.

Trump, in his usual fashion, openly attacks any and every Republican or governor who significantly gets involved in the certification process of the contended States. He said he regretted endorsing the Georgia governor Brian Kemp, and accused the Arizona governor of rushing to certify the results even though there was a “hearing” in Arizona by legislators, echoing Jenna Ellis, a Trump Election Campaign’s lawyer.

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