Wally Adeyemo|A Brief Look at USA’s Next Deputy Secretary of the Treasury

The attorney Adéwálé Adeyemo, who is the President of the Obama Foundation, and Special Adviser Economics Programme, of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), has been confirmed as President-elect Joseph Robinette Biden Jr’s pick for the position of Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury. Adeyemo, 39, will deputise for Janet Yellen who is Biden’s pick for the position of Secretary of the United States Treasury.

The Nigerian American, Adeyemo, had served in the Obama Administration towards the latter part as Deputy National Security Adviser, and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council (between December 2015 to January 2017). He served as Obama’s Senior International Economic Adviser from 2015.

As a senior adviser, among his responsibilities were coordinating policy making processes on International Finance, Trade & Investment, Energy, and Environmental concerns. He represented Obama at the G7 and G20.

Adeyemo has apparently had plenty of experience and expertise despite his age. He has served in the US Department of Treasury as Chief Negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s provisions on macroeconomic policy; Deputy Chief of Staff, and senior adviser. He has also worked in the position of first chief of staff at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

He has served as the senior adviser to the Vice Chairman of BlackRock Inc. between May 2017 to December 2019.

Wale is a member of several boards and organisations, including but not limited to, the Board of Demos, the Aspen Strategy Group, the Board of the Golden State Opportunity Foundation, and so on.

The graduate of Yale Law School and the University of California, Berkeley, spent his entire career so far, in the employ of organisations that are in the crosspoint of public policy, the private sector, and nonprofit outfits focused on creating economic opportunities.

Adeyemo is said to have an ample repertoire of international business law, and a calm but assured approach to tasks. The Nigerian born “Wally”, who grew up in Los Angeles CA., is expected to bring his experience to bear in the Biden cabinet.

Additional details from http://www.csis.org

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