Antony Blinken Could Become Biden’s Choice for Secretary of State

The Biden-Harris transition team has (despite the president Donald John Trump not cooperative in any way and alleging a barrage of allegations of election fraud and illegalities and filing frivolous suits to seek to invalidate the Presidential Election in key States) been preparing towards the transition of power and making decisions that will help in the face of brazen lack of courtesy from the Trump administration. In line with this, Biden Jr has also been deliberating on key officials that will work with him in his government. Among several candidates being considered for the position of the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who was deputy Secretary of State and deputy National Security Adviser in the Obama administration, appears to be the most qualified.

But Blinken, 58, would have to contend with a lot of questions about his role in the decision to undertake, and the conduct thereof, of the Libya Intervention, as well as handling of the Iraq war which have been two of the most recent breach of international law by the USA and the mess of a war in Libya tarnished the image of the country among independent observers.

Antony Blinken

Blinken, believed to have close ties with Biden, is not the only candidate that Biden Jr lines up for consideration. Diplomat Susan Rice made comments about the 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, that angered the Republicans. And with the Senate being almost dominated by the GOP (Republican Party) opposition, the chance of Rice scaling the Senate approval is slim.

Susan Rice

Senator Chris Coons may be too much of a risk because the Democratic Party are in dire need to have control in the Senate and the departure of Coon will unbalance their numbers in the Senate. To be the majority, the Democrats have to win both seats up for grabs in the State of Georgia in December runoffs.

If eventually nominated, Blinken will have a lot of tasks to do to repair the seeming damages done with the abrasive approach towards international allies and treaties by the Trump administration, and return some modicum of courtesy to the USA’s international conducts.

The nomination for the Secretary of State is expected to be announced tomorrow Tuesday, 24th November 2020.

Additional details from Associated Press

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