Biden Confirmed Winner in State of Georgia After Week-long Recount

The Presidential Election results for the state of Georgia, after a week of hand done audit, has been confirmed to have been won by Democrat Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, and the governor of Georgia is required to sign the certification of the result by the early evening hours of today 20th November 2020. The final result after the audit shows Biden having a lead of 12,284 votes to grant him the slim victory. The result after the audit is a slight drop from the initial one, cutting down Biden’s lead by circa 1,200 votes. Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, a lifelong Republican and Conservative Christian, shrugged off Trump’s criticisms and accusations, and stated that the audit confirmed that there is no widespread election irregularities or fraud, as alleged by Trump Campaign, describing the conduct of the election in the state as commendable.

Raffensperger said that the slight differences between the original results for the counties and the results gotten after the audit were extremely minimal and “well within the expected margin of human error that occurs when hand-counting ballots.”

There was flurry of uproar among Trump and his supporters when during the audit, as much as 2600 of uncounted ballots were found in just one county: Floyd County. This initial exclusion of the 2600 ballots in Floyd county has been ascribed to human error by both Election Officials and Georgia’s Republican officials. The county’s Board of Elections have voted unanimously to sack its Chief of Elections Clerk, Robert Brady, as a result of the error discovered during the audit. Trump scored about 800 net votes from the county. Overall, in Georgia, about 5800 uncounted ballots were discovered, giving Trump a net of about 1,400 votes, cutting Biden’s overall lead in the state, from more than 13,000 to 12,284 votes.

Chair of the Floyd County Republican Party, Luke Martin, said that although the error in the county was very concerning, it does not appear to be a widespread issue, and he is glad that the audit revealed it.

Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, is expected to sign the certification latest by 5pm eastern time. The governor has been under pressure from Trump and his associates, to undermine the audit and influence the process. It is uncertain if there will come up an issue of the governor refusing to sign the certification.

“Georgia’s first statewide audit successfully confirmed the winner of the chosen contest and should give voters increased confidence in the results.” The Executive Director of a nonprofit Election Security outfit, VotingWorks, Ben Adida, stated.

President Donald John Trump had refused to concede defeat, openly claiming that he won the election, contrary to widely projected calls that Biden Jr had won and with a big margin too. The president has had his legal team challenge the election results and conducts, in court, and has lost most suits. The president has continued to threaten lawsuits, claiming to have evidence of widespread Election irregularities and fraud.

Biden leads with most of the results called. He has 306 Electoral College points as against Trump’s 232. The democrat candidate also leads the popular votes by almost 6 million vote margin.

Credits: Additional Sources from New York Times, the Associated Press, and CNN International

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