Biden Triumphs in Arizona, First Democrat Victory There Since 1996

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr has won in Arizona to garner his fourth flip win in the 2020 United States of America Presidential Election, now having the Electoral College votes tally of 290 as against President Trump’s 217. Biden now leads Trump with over five million popular votes as well, having 77,920,048 as against President Trump’s 72,609,925 as at 05:30 AM Nigerian time today 13th November 2020. Trump has, as expected, refused to concede defeat and has, without presenting any reasonable evidence, alleged voter fraud, unfoundedly claiming that his votes are being cancelled and given to Biden Jr. Arizona is the fourth State previously held by the Republicans, won over by Biden.

This is the most responsive voter turnout in the history of the United States of America, and the voters tallies for both candidates is the highest in the US presidential election history too. Biden Jr appears to already set the record for both the highest votes won in a Presidential Election, and the biggest winning margin too, with over five million already.

Biden has posted stellar performance in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, flipping the states where Trump had won in 2016, to improve his chances of winning Electoral College votes to sustain him in the race for the White House.

A screenshot of the New York Times reports of the Presidential Election in the USA

Arizona is among the ten battleground States to watch in this election, where the chunk of Electoral College votes will be won or lost and where voting patterns are unpredictable. The battleground States and the candidate who has won or leads in them are:

  • Arizona (Biden won)
  • Florida (Trump won)
  • Georgia (Biden leads). Atlanta ’96 was held here
  • Michigan (Biden won)
  • Minnesota (Biden won)
  • Nevada (Biden won)
  • Norh Carolina (Trump leads)
  • Ohio (Trump won)
  • Pennsylvania (Biden won)
  • Wisconsin (Biden won)

Biden Jr has already surpassed the required Electoral College votes points to win the election, and though most leaders of other countries have congratulated Biden Jr, as well as some Republicans, president Trump has refused to concede and has approached the Supreme Court of the United States to stop votes counting in some States. While Trump’s demands for counting of votes to stop has been declined, some places like Georgia where Biden Jr leads, will have to conduct a recount.

Inauguration of the President-elect will be held on the 20th of January 2021 and it remains unclear if Donald John Trump will peacefully handover power or cause a major political upheaval and violence not witnessed in the recent history of the United States of America.

Featured picture credit to The Hill.

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