Outrage As US Police Chief Resigns After Inciting Social Media Posts Go Viral

There is outrage across the United States of America right now as Lang Holland, a far-right leaning individual and the police chief of Marshall, Arkansas, who had refused to comply with the Arkansas Governor’s facemask directive months ago, had this Friday posted on Parler, a platform created specifically for far-right supporters: “Death to all Marxist Democrats. Take no prisoners leave no survivors!!.” He also posted: “When this is over and Trump is president for 4 more years. Do not go to sleep. Do not forget what these Marxist Democrat bastards have tried to do.” In another post, he said: “When you see one in public get in their face do not give them any peace. Throw water on them at restaurants. Push them off sidewalks. Never let them forget they are traitors and have no right to live in this Republic after what they have done.”

Parler is a social media app that has found home among conservatives in the US. It appears like Twitter in its uses.

The police chief of the small town called Marshall, was furious because of the results of the ongoing Presidential Election in the US, and he even, referred to the election as a Revolutionary War. He is a fan of Trump and believes that the Democrats were indeed stealing the Presidential election.

Holland had made a stir in July when he publicly criticised governor Asa Hutchinson and defied the State Government’s mandate for officials and public servants to wear facemasks. He insinuated that following the public safety protocol will eventually culminate in the USA deteriorating into a failed communist state. He declined to enforce it.

Before Holland was surmorned by the mayor of Arkansas, the police chief had realised that his posts had gone viral and elicited outrage and so opened a new Parler account and pretended that the older account is a fake one, that he was tolerant of liberals.

Holland’s hate speech inclination has left the mayor of Marshall, Kevin Elliott, utterly disappointed. The mayor had once described Holland as the best police officer in the country.

The embattled police chief apologised to the mayor and offered his resignation.

The Facebook account of the Marshall Arkansas Police Department appears to have been deactivated, as a result of this scandal. Attempts by Viktoria Capek of the KATV to communicate with them, and the office of the Marshall Police Department, proved abortive.

Sources: The Roots, KATV News

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