End of COVID-19 in Sight as US Company Pfizer Says New Vaccine is 90% Effective

American company Pfizer has, in conjunction with German drugmaker, BioNTech, developed a COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer made this announcement on Monday, adding that judging from the early analysis of the drug on those it was tested on, the drug is quite effective in preventing COVID-19.

Pfizer C.E.O, Dr. Albert Bourla.

Although the information released on the vaccine was scanty, the company disclosed that the data gotten from the drug testing program was analysed by an external team of experts.

The result of the analysis released by the team of experts revealed that the drug has a 90% success rate in people who have no history of the virus, thus proving that it could offer the same level of protection that vaccines like the one used back in the day for the treatment of measles.


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