‘It is More than a Two-Horse Race,’ Klopp believes The Title Could be Anyone’s

The Manager of Liverpool, Jurgen Norbert Klopp, has dismissed the claims that this seasons title race is a two-horse race between Liverpool and Manchester City, who his side faces later today.

Klopp believes this season’s title race is wide open.

The two sides have by far been the two best teams in the league in the last three Premier League seasons, with Liverpool winning the title last season, after City won two on the trot.

Many have taunted Pep Guardiola’s City to challenge Liverpool for the title this term, but Liverpool’s Klopp believes that the challenge comes not just from one team, but from many.

Klopp is the only manager that has left Guardiola scratching his head.

“Yes, it always was. Until a specific point, it was last year for a very long time at least a three-horse race, that’s clear. I’m not surprised about that. Nothing is guaranteed, could anybody have imagined that the virus could stop the whole world in pretty much a week and that it would do that for eight or nine months? Football is no different, you can take nothing for granted,” Klopp said on Skyports.

“I don’t think about us one of two teams, I think about as a team that has to do a lot of things right to be successful, and then we will see where it leads up to. I’m not interested what people think about us in the sense if we are one of the top two or the only one, or one of three or four, that’s not important when you prepare a game. That’s the job I have to do, I have to prepare my team for football games and the next one is a tough one.”

“If we look back at the previous two years, they were impressive for both teams. City won one [Premier League] and we won. We won the Champions League on top of that, City won the FA Cup.”

“That doesn’t mean this year we have the ticket to do it again, everybody has a chance. That’s why I said we don’t defend anything, we attack the next one, with all we have, whatever that means in a specific moment.”

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