US Elections|Biden Leads as Voters Await Results from Closely Contested States

The race for the White House has shown a lead by 77 year-old Democrat Joseph Robinette Biden Jr by a margin of more than a million votes, over 74 year-old incumbent president, Republican Donald John Trump. But popular lead by Biden Jr could be undone by the Electoral College points, not dissimilar to the case with Hilary Clinton in 2016. The results of the election by 8:20 AM Nigerian time, showed Biden Jr ahead with 225 Electoral College points and 65,351,543 votes as against President Trump’s 63,677,715 votes and 213 Electoral College points. But when it is contrasted with the results by 6 AM earlier, it indicates that the president is coming hot on the heels of Biden Jr with regards to the Electoral College points.

Results of the Presidential Election in the US as at 8:20 AM Nigerian time today. Credit: The New York Times

The US presidential election has been going under scrutiny in recent two decades as Al Gore, a republican, had in the year 2000 won the popular votes but lost the Election to George Bush because he did not get enough Electoral College votes to win it.

Same scenario played out in 2016 when Hilary Clinton won the popular votes by more than 3 million but eventually lost to the current president.

The complication with the Electoral College votes has made many observers from other continents wonder why a country with such acclaim to democratic system, would still be dependent on such an old rule of election that appears to have outlived its relevance.

As at 06:54 am Nigerian time, Trump had won 174 Electoral College points with a total vote of 59,753,384 which makes it 48.6% of the entire votes counted then. Meanwhile, at that same time, Biden Jr had won 213 Electoral College points, garnering 61,102,926 votes. A candidate will have to win 270 counties to win the race.

Results of the US Presidential Election as at 6:54 am Nigerian time. Credit: The New York Times

The race is however too close to call, as there are enough conservative leaning States yet to conclude counting, as well as a handful “swing states”.

Source: The New York Times


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