Ilorin: Youthful Looters Return Stolen Items After an Imam’s Advice

Youths in a community in Zango district of Ilorin have began to comply with the imam of a mosque in the community who advised them to return all items they looted during the ongoing derailed EndSARS protests. The EndSARS protests have since the past two weeks been infiltrated by youths and even a few adults taking advantage of the applaudable intentions of the protests against police brutality, to wreck havoc on public and private properties and infrastructures, and stealing items ranging from the most expensive to the most ridiculous.

The Imam had asked the residents of the immediate community, including two of his own children, to return all the items they looted and await the blessings of Allah, and dozens of residents have complied. But as at late afternoon of yesterday, the Imam’s two children have yet to comply.

The influence of religious leaders in the Nigerian society is not overemphasized. Religious leaders have often had more attention from the populace than political leaders. Religion itself plays a key role in the mindset of the people towards the major issues of life. Therefore, it is expected that religious leaders rein in their congregations to ensure calm and decorum.

The Imam (names witheld) is head of the Olohunsogo Mosque in the Zango part of Ilorin. It is a very popular mosque in the area.

Credits: Deji Adesogan