Armless Pakistani Man Masters Snooker[PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Pakistani, Mohammad Ikram was born within hands, but due to an early foray into the game of snooker or pool, he has gone on to win some laurels in his native country.

Ikram plays snooker with his chin and mouth and actually seems good at it. Watching him play means you would definitely be entertained as he never misses a pocket.

The man himself in Action.

In a video clip seen on ESPN’s Twitter handle, the man said: “when I was 10-12 years old, I used to go to the club, and felt that had I got arms, I could have played this game. Then I started thinking, ‘why not try? If I try, I can play.'”

Here is the video:

“So when there was no one in the club, I tried it with my chin and learned the game. People didn’t believe I can play. They kept asking how do you hold the cue?”

He has won some medals too.

“I wish I could go abroad and play in front of other people and make a name for Pakistan.”

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