EndSARS: Feminist Coalition Received ₦148 Million, Vows to Refuse Further Donations

The Feminist Coalition said on Thursday 22nd October 2020 that it received one hundred and forty seven million, eight hundred and fifty five thousand, seven hundred and eighty eight Naira, twenty eight kobo (₦147,855,788.28) as donations for the #EndSARS protests across Nigeria, and said that it has shared as much as sixty million, four hundred and three thousand, two hundred and thirty five Naira (₦60,403,235.00). The feminist group is one of the ardent supporters of the “EndSARS” protests and believed to be the biggest financiers of the protest.

It said it will no longer be accepting donations towards the EndSARS protests going forward, but will ensure that the remaining funds from the donations, totalling eighty seven million, four hundred and fifty two thousand, five hundred and fifty three Naira, twenty eight kobo (₦87,452,553.28) will be judiciously used thus:

  1. #EndSARS medical response (₦20,114,087.25)
  2. The Legal Aid Network (₦15,741,459.59)
  3. Relief for victims of police brutality and families of the deceased (₦40,228,174.51)
  4. Memorial for the fallen (₦5,247,153.97)
  5. #EndSARS Mental Health Support (₦6,121,678.78)

This is coming on the back of violence breaking out of the protests, which were unintended by the group. The culmination of what is now the much spoken about ‘Lekki Massacre’ which evidence continued to indicate did not happen as it was portrayed on social media.

There have been wanton looting and destruction of lives and property in the past ten days, including many incidents of arson committed on public and private properties. Evidently, hoodlums and mischief makers have hijacked the noble course of the protests.

Picture Credit: The Feminist Coalition

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