Ibadan Youths Party on Expressway as Law Enforcement Agencies Refuse to End Blockade

The youths of Ibadan have continued to hold jamboree on the Ibadan-Lagos Expressway between Egbeda through Iwo Road Roundabout to Soka as the law enforcement agencies have ignored calls for the state and federal government to help clear the blockades mounted on the road in different spots on daily basis. The blockades have persisted in the last three days, as trucks and other vehicles are left stranded for most of the daytime since Tuesday.

The blockades are usually mounted from around 10 AM in support of the #EndSARS protests. This has caused a lot of despair and frustration to transporters of perishable items, intracity as well as intercity transport.

Many residents are forced to leave their cars at home and make use of commercial motorcycles to manoeuvre their ways to work or business.

Also, many businesses remain closed for fear of being plundered or set on fire. Most fuel stations are closed for most parts of the day, making the situation worse for motorists and residents who may have need for fuels.

Youths from the various communities along the expressway have mounted blockades on places like Soka, Sanyo, Boluwaji, and Academy Bus Stops, bringing seats and sound systems onto the expressway and playing music while they dance and drink alcohol, daring anyone to stop them. Boys and girls and an appreciable number of adults join to party and in some instances, extort money from desperate motorists.

The governor, Seyi Makinde, had visited a protest spot on the expressway around Iwo Road and appealed to protesters to moderate their excesses and promise their safety, yet nothing has been done to halt the daily daytime blockade on the expressway, even with complaints from motorists and residents to the State’s emergency response authority.

In most instances of the blockades, boys of all age groups are seen playing football matches on the tarmac of expressway, apparently indicating that parents are not doing much to rein in their adolescent children and discourage them from joining the jamborees and putting themselves in possible harm’s way.

There have been a few incidents of auto accident at night and early morning due to the barricades which are not properly evacuated from the road.

Some of the roads that connect to the expressway are also blocked and in some places youths are seen extorting money from motorists.

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