Obaseki Declares Friday as Ultimatum for Jail Breakers to Turn Themselves in

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has issued an ultimatum to prisoners who escaped from prison after some miscreants broke into Benin Medium Security Correctional Centre and Oko Medium Security Correctional Centre on Monday.

Obaseki who was recently reelected as Governor of Edo State, said if the inmates fail to return by Friday, they would face the full wrath of the law.

Following the prison break, the Nigerian Correctional Service hinted that about 1, 993 prisoners were missing. However, Babayo Maisanda who is the Edo State Controller of Corrections, said so far, 163 of them have been rearested, while 1, 813 were still missing. He further said that 6 returned voluntarily.

Mr. Obaseki said, “You will agree with me that this is not in the spirit of the #EndSARS protest. This is sheer criminality while the real protesters were focusing on the reform of our policing system and not to destroy government property, destroy prisons, and release inmates.”

“So, you can tell that there were some criminal intentions behind these acts and the #EndSARS protest in Edo was hijacked by criminal and they used the opportunity to come and release their colleagues who were held in our correctional centre.”

“We condemn the act wholeheartedly and we expect that even the #EndSARS protesters would join us in condemning this dastardly act. The government cannot sit down and fold its arms to allow the breakdown of law and order in our society because everybody would be affected and having undertaken the assessment and seen the extent of destruction that has taken place, we would now move swiftly into action.”

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