Open Defecation: Lagos Ministry of Environment Gets Tough, Arrests Culprits

The Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources has begun the arrest of people who break the State’s Anti Open-Defecation law. This is undertaken by operatives of its Anti-Defecation Unit, deployed to places of higher incidence of open defecation within the state.

Open defecation is among the chief causes of high mortality among children and adults through cholera in Nigeria. Lagos State is heavily populated with incommensurate number of social amenities like public toilets and mobile toilets in a metropolis that is seldom ever asleep and residents are ever on the move and full of activity most of the day away from home.

Next are pictures of the arrest of some culprits on the Carter Bridge and Ilubirin in the Lagos Island part of the State. Viewer discretion is strictly advised.

The State Government is hoping to by this instill discipline among residents and curb the spate of open defecation. More efforts are being made to encourage the private sector to invest in mobile toilet business in line with the approved guidelines and specifications.

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