Owó Ìṣòwò|Kwara Flags Off Micro Loan Scheme for Market Traders

Kwara State has on Friday 25th September 2020 officially flagged off her Government Enterprise Empowerment Programmes (KWAGEEP) scheme which is under the State Government’s Kwara State Social Investment Programmes (KWASSIP). The micro loan of no less than ₦10,000 is targeting 21,623 traders as beneficiaries from the 16 Local Government Areas in the State. Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak has endeared himself to the indigent people of the State with policies and programmes tailored for the upliftment of the masses. The KWASSIP also involves other notable schemes like the Oúnjẹ Ọfẹ, which aims to provide free meals to eradicate abject hunger; the Owó Arúgbó which is meant for the senior citizens (the aged or old population), and K-Power.

The official launch of the Kwara State Enterprise Empowerment Programme, a scheme nicknamed Owó Ìṣòwò

Governor Abdulrazak said that he was inspired to create the Kwara State Social Investment Programme to enable the State Government to empower the vulnerable poor and lift as many people as possible out of extreme poverty.

Women express appreciations for the governor’s programmes and initiatives

Speaking after the official launch of the Owó Ìṣòwò, the governor said: “Today, we officially launched the disbursement of micro-loans to 21,623 beneficiaries statewide. The KWAGEEP scheme (Owó Ìṣòwò) is to assist our market men and women, particularly petty traders.”

“I believe the programme will help petty traders scale up their businesses with trickle down effects that will impact the lives of our people and alleviate poverty in Kwara State.”

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak visits a popular market, to have conversations with few traders

He however cautioned: “It is important for beneficiaries to pay back the loan so as to get a double of what they are getting now in the next phase. The money being disbursed is not our personal money but government’s funds which belong to all Kwarans. We don’t believe in converting public funds to private properties and then give out crumbs under the pretense of giving free money to people to gain political mileage.”

“The scheme started during the lockdown, when we supported transport workers with micro-loan so as to ease the effect of restricted movement on their income. Soon, we will kickstart KWCTP (Owo Arugbo) for the vulnerable among the aged.”

“In all, we are looking at about 100,000 beneficiaries for the first phase of the Kwara State Social Investment Programmes (KWASSIP).”

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