Nigeria is on the Brink of Collapse Under Buhari- Obasanjo

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has again descended heavily on President Muhammadu Buhari, this time saying that the country is becoming a failed state and divided under the current administration.

In an event that held in Abuja on Thursday, the former president delivered a speech titled, ‘Moving Nigeria Away from Tipping Over’ at a consultative dialogue attended by representatives of Afenifere, Middle Belt Forum, Northern Elders Forum, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo and Pan Niger Delta Forum.

In his speech, he also said Nigeria is a ‘basket case’ economically, and is in desperate need of being saved from the brink of collapse.

“Today, Nigeria is fast drifting to a failed and badly divided state; economically our country is becoming a basket case and poverty capital of the world, and socially, we are firming up as an unwholesome and insecure country.”

“And these manifestations are the products of recent mismanagement of diversity and socio-economic development of our country.”

“Old fault lines that were disappearing have opened up in greater fissures and with drums of hatred, disintegration and separation and accompanying choruses being heard loud and clear almost everywhere,” he warned.

The former president also said that those clamouring for secession should stop, as even if the nation breaks up, the people will still be neighbours and will have to still interact with each other.

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