FG Approves N400 Million for Building of Perimeter Fence Around Uni. Abuja

N400 million has been approved by the Federal Government for the building of a fence around the University of Abuja, Gwagwalada.
Prof. Abdul- Rasheed Na’Allah, the school’s Vice Chancellor, made this known while appealing to the Federal Government to protect the University from bandits whom he said were encroaching on its land and trying to take it over.

“The truth is that this great University of ours is in trouble right now. I say this because we have all sorts of people who are living on the campus, who are using the land without respect for the environment. It is worse now because bandits are coming in and taking over land both within staff residences and outside.”

“Our students are being attacked; we are living in fear of the bandits. Some of the indigenes give land to these bandits without really knowing them, some don’t even ask for permission they just take over. I can tell you that on many occasions, we have had clashes. They are called non-state actors. If we fail to act the future will never forgive us, this is serious and dangerous and that is why we are appealing to the Minister of FCT, Mallam Muhammad Bello, to assist us.”

The VC, University of Abuja, lamented that several years of tolerating the incursion into the University land had emboldened the bandits whom he said now felt they could take over peoples land with impunity.

“We need FCT to work with us to the very end to get this campus safe,” he emphasised.

Prof. Abdul- Rasheed Na’Allah is the VC of the University.

The University of Abuja Vice-Chancellor lamented, “Whenever we want to construct any structure they attack us and many times we had to negotiate with them sometimes, they collect money from the University just to use the land of the university. I am tired of negotiating with bandits.”

On his part, Murkta Galadima who is the Director, Department of Development Control of the Federal Capital Territory, who was hosted by the VC on campus, said there was a need to follow due process in removing the structures.

“The rate of squatting, to encroachment and invasion so all these things are beyond this office, it has to be done with FCT administration. We shall meet with the university, village chiefs, Area Council Secretariat and tell them these are the challenges. Resettlement will also come in. We have already started the process. The next line is to come up with an action plan,” he said.

He added, “What we will do first is to sensitise these villages and map out strategies of the date and time to remove the structures.”

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