Facemask Scam: Adesanya, Hassan, Arrested for Defrauding German Company of €14.7 Million

The Nigeria Police, Interpol Department, has arrested Holland-based Babatunde Adesanya aka Steady (50, male) and Akinpelu Hassan (41, male) for their involvement in laundering of money belonging to a German company meant for COVID-19 facemask.

Adesanya, graduate of the University of Lagos, said that he had schooled and lived in the Netherlands for the past 25 years.

Hassan, who is a Forex consultant living in Lagos, said that he was contacted in April this year, by Mr Adesanya, to allow him make use of his (Hassan’s) Euro bank account, which he had obliged. Then Mr Adesanya transferred more than €400000 into his Euro account, which he complained that the amount was too much, and that it was not long he opened the account.

Hassan said he was suspicious and asked Mr Adesanya about the genuineness of the transaction and he assured him it was a clean transaction.

But not long after, according to Hassan, the funds were reversed, and his account was thereafter flagged red. Then the bank management called him to explain and he did not hold back to tell them what transpired.

Hassan said it was thereafter he was told that the money was meant for facemask and the transactions made to his Euro account was fraudulent.

See video by clicking this link.

Adesanya claimed that he was not aware the funds were part of a fraudulent activity.

More details soon as they unfold.

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