Shi’ites Procession to Be Held Despite Threats by Security Forces

The Nigerian Shi’ite Islamic Group, has vowed to sustain their processions, despite threats from the Government’s security personnel to stay away.

The followers of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky said that they are only interested in adhering to their religious rites, and will continue to try to do so despite wanton persecution from the security forces.

Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky is still in prison.

In his speech at the Ashura commemoration, held at the Juma’at mosque on Wednesday, the leader of the sect in Kano, Dr Sanusi Abdulkadir lamented how members of the movement are being arrested and allegedly killed for practicing their religious beliefs.

“We will continue with our Ashura procession no matter what. We will not be deterred by any forces because we believe we are doing it for Allah and his messenger,” he said.

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