Fake News!| Ministry of Education Denies Viral List of Scholarship Candidates

The Ministry of Education of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has this afternoon today, 2nd September 2020, warned the general public to disregard the viral list of Scholarship Candidates for the 2020 Bilateral Education Agreement being peddled about on the social media, saying that the list is fake and the fabrication of mischievous people. The Ministry, through its Director, Press and Public Relations, Ben Bem Goong, released a statement saying that part of the viral list contained a few applications made to the Ministry with regards to awards obtainable for Russia and did not emanate from the Ministry.

Goong advised that anyone willing to peruse the list of all scholarship awardees from the year 2009 until date, to log onto their website He maintained that the list for this year’s scholarship awardees has yet to be concluded due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. He assured that the year’s list will be uploaded on the website of the Ministry as soon as the conclusion of the exercise is made.

The Ministry warned citizens to shun the fake news peddlers and added that their intention is to mislead people into getting duped or scammed. It said that each and every successful candidate will be contacted directly by the Federal Scholarship Board and their proposed host countries.

The Ministry said that the good public that for any news concerning the Ministry, and the Federal Scholarship Board, they should visit the website for information.

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