82-Year-Old President of Guinea Set to Run for 3rd-Term

On Monday, Guinea’s ruling party announced that incumbent president, Alpha Conde will be contesting the presidential elections for a third term.

Crisis that have led to the death of many, have already erupted in the African nation as a result of this.

“President Alpha Conde will indeed be our candidate in the presidential election,” said the statement from the Rally of the Guinean People (RPG), read out on televsion.

The 82 year old had in March, pushed for a constitutional amendment that would allow him contest the October 18th general election.

Under Guinea’s constitution, presidents may only serve two terms. Conde was elected president in 2010 and again in 2015. But according to analysts, the new constitution could reset the presidential term counter and enable him to run a third time — a view now confirmed by the RPG.


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