I Can Lay My Hands on COVID-19 Patients and Heal Them- Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church Worldwide has said that he is able to lay his bare hands on those suffering from COVID-19 and breathe on them and heal them.

Oyedepo had said this during Sunday service, telling his congregation to understand that what they carry is ‘eternal life’ not ‘natural life.’

“You can imagine a medical doctor, going back there to minister to coronavirus patients (documented testimony). He found something, while others are scared by everything they can see,” he said.

“Can you imagine anyone bringing coronavirus patients to me and I won’t lay hands on him? Will I wear gloves to lay hands on them? I will lay hands on them; breathe into them; embrace them. What you carry is eternal life, it’s not human life. You should know that.”

Mr Oydepo lampooned people who wear nose masks and gloves to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

“You’ll now wear everything like a doctor, you have never been to a theatre in your life. You will be moving like somebody is under some attack.”

“Someday, they will know that they have been deceived. They will all know that they have been grossly deceived,” he said expressing doubt in the virus and its preventive measures.

“You’ve covered your mouth: do you cover it when you want to eat or there is no coronavirus when you are eating? I just look at it and say, ‘what is all these?’”

The Bishop added that the novel virus is a ploy by the “devil to dehumanise humanity”, noting that he would not back down on his mandate to “liberate the world”.

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