Breaking News: Buhari Ends Estimated Billing, Directs Nationwide Mass Metering of Electricity

President Muhammadu Buhari has today approved a one-year waiver of import levies on electricity meters. This move will allow for Distribution Companies (DisCos) to supply to consumers who are yet to have theirs, to be supplied the meters at affordable price and reasonable cost. He directed that estimated billing be halted immediately nationwide.

The Federal Government of Nigeria said that she is “working to ensure that DisCos commit to increasing the number of hours of electricity supply per day, and quality of service. A mass metering program is underway, and President Buhari remains committed to the protection of poor and vulnerable Nigerians.”

This announcement will come as a great positive news for electricity consumers in the country who have groaned under the unreasonable amounts they are forced to pay as estimated billing.

In a related development, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, through a press statement disclosed that it is not going to accept any increase in electricity tariff on the poor and vulnerable of Nigeria. It said that the increase in tariff will be done on service-based principle, in which the specific consumers will be engaged on an increase in quality and hours of service for which the specific consumers in question will agree to an increase in billing rates. Please download the following picture to see further details and clarifications.

The NERC reiterated that DisCos have been directed to embark on mass metering.

The decision by the Federal Government is not unconnected to the preliminary projects of Siemens to ensure that all electricity consumers are properly metered and not short-changed.

It should be noted that a certain Mr Chris Ososa Asuelime has for more than three weeks been embarking on a street walk protest against estimated electricity billing in Nigeria. This news will no doubt offer him some hope that his protests will not be in vain.

Mr Chris Ososa Asuelime, protesting against indiscriminate estimated electricity billing by Power Distribution Companies in Nigeria

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