“Buhari Doesn’t Hate Igbos, He Wants Equal Economic Development” ~Allen Onyema

The Chief Executive Officer of the Air Peace, and renowned business mogul and philanthropist, Chief Allen Onyema, has strongly debunked the insinuations that the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, hates Igbos. He said that the president meant well for Nd’Igbo as his policies and decisions have been tailored to encourage indigenous businesses and investments and encourage equal industrial and economic development and production growth. Chief Onyema said that he has, despite not being part of the president’s political party or any party; and not having any connections to him or his associates, neither having a godfather; benefitted from the president, through his ministers and appointees, who have done so much for him more than they have done for anyone else. He categorically stated that when the time comes, the president will give his assent to the Anambra Cargo Airport to become a full-blown international airport. He urged his Igbo compatriots to separate politics from reality.

Speaking to ABS on his thoughts on the Anambra Cargo Airport Project, he said, ” I thank God for our president, President Muhammadu Buhari. It is very untrue that he does not like Igbos. I’m a beneficiary of –eh–without being a member of his party or any party, I’m a beneficiary of his support for indigenous businesses. But people don’t know; people believe what they want to believe out there.

“The Federal Government has given me destinations they have never given anybody; yet I’m an Igbo man. I’m from Anambra, I don’t know anybody. I don’t have any godfather.

“The Federal Government__the president Muhammadu Buhari through his Minister Hadi Sirika, has given me China, has given me London, has given me Portugal, has given me the entire Europe, has given me Jeddah (I’m not a Muslim). They have given me US, they have given me India, and all of them..!

“So, the Federal Government has given me about twenty destinations to fly to. I’m an Igbo man! It is not true that president Buhari does not like Igbos.

“You see, people should be able to separate politics from what they see. The president wants equal economic development everywhere.

“And this president for sure, I will tell you categorically, that when the time comes, will give his assent and approval to this airport to be a full-blown international airport.”

Watch and download the video below.

Video of the interview granted to ABS by Allen Onyema of Air Peace

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