Audu Ogbeh Calls on FG to End Killings in the Country, Says Life Has Never Been ‘this Tough’

Mr. Audu Ogbeh has said that the country is in dire circumstances and has called on the Federal Government to bring to an end the series of killings in the country, saying life has never been “this tough.”

Ogbeh, 73, said this at the meeting of the newly elected national working committee (NWC) of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) in Kaduna On Wednesday. He went on to say that the last time people died this much was during the Civil War in the late 60s.

“We have over 300 tribes in the north, and we cannot afford to be an ethnic organisation,” he said.

“Our responsibility now is greater than before. We have not faced this challenge before – killings day and night. At no time has life been so tough except during the civil war. If we do not save the north now, we will lose the north.”

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