“Desperate Wokoma Patronised Me to Nail Magu,” Says Giwa, Abuja-Based Lawyer

Victor Giwa, the Lead Counsel of an Abuja-based legal firm, Victor Giwa & Associates, has written to the Ayo Salami Presidential Panel of Investigation, exposing the desperation of a petitioner against Ibrahim Magu, the suspended Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Donald Wokoma. Giwa said that Wokoma was overly desperate to bring Magu down, and had solicited for his services in that regard. Wokoma had during the conversation between himself and Giwa, tried to coerce him into indicting Magu. Wokoma went ahead to record his conversation with Giwa, then presented it the Presidential Panel of Investigation as information and evidence of the culpability of Magu. Giwa said, “I, Victor Giwa, request to provide additional information to state that the said information and petition was borne out of a desperate move of Donald Wokoma to lure me into indicting the Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu of the EFCC, with a promise that his money will be released. My refusal was what has led to the presentation of an audio recording of client-lawyer conversation which is privilege information. I will be grateful if I am given the opportunity to give additional facts.”

Victor Giwa, Lead Counsel of Victor Giwa & Associates, a legal firm in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Donald Wokoma had in his petition, also accused Magu of attempting to extort from him, the sum of ₦75 million through Victor Giwa, who happens to be his former legal representative and consultant. While testifying before the Committee, Wokoma had presented an audio recording of the exchange between himself and Giwa, with the aim of implicating Magu.

However, in the letter submitted the 15th of August 2020, Giwa disclosed that Donald Wokoma attempted to deceive him into working to nail Magu.

The Ayo Salami Panel is investigating the activities of the EFCC under the leadership of Ibrahim Magu, after the Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami, alleged that Magu misappropriated recovered loots and assets under his watch, an accusation that the embattled Acting Chairman of the EFCC denied, as Switch Nigeria reported on 31st July, 2020. Malami also accused Magu of several other issues, including selling the recovered assets to his associates.

Read here about all the accusations against Ibrahim Magu and his point by point responses.

The investigation of the allegations against the head of the financial transparency agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria has received a lot of attention from all aspects of the national and international communities.

While many are convinced that the Acting Chairman indeed enriched himself with proceeds from the recoveries, others are of the opinion that Malami may have been compromised, and feel that Malami is trying to ease off the attention of the EFCC and Magu himself.

Victor Giwa, is an astute Environmental Impact Consultant, and has special interest in Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Oil & Gas Law, Real Estate Law, Environmental Law and Land Conveyances and Legal Drafting.

He is the  National Co-ordinator, Advocate for Peoples’ Rights and Justice. He is a member, Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIA). He is also a regular public analyst as well as guest speaker on media stations like Nigeria Info 95.1 FM, Hot 98.3 FM and African Independent Television (AIT).

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