Netflix Donates Production Equipment to Ikorodu Bois

Netflix, the giant online video streaming service, has just donated a set of equipment to Nigerian comedians Ikorodu Bois.

The group have gained much attention for their wonderful and often hilarious recreation of scenes from some movies like the trailer of Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction, for which producers, Russo Brother’s, invited them to the USA for the premiere of the movie.
On Wednesday, the group took to their Instagram page sharing a video where they received cameras, Apple computers and equipment from Netflix.

The post read, “Netflix! Thank you. You guys are amazing, we’ve received the gift, we love it!… Sir @kunleafo we would love to say a very big thank you as you received us with open arms and for also giving us the opportunity to better our crafts and for also deciding to be a Mentor to us, and for the scholarship program as well, we want you to know how much we appreciate this sir, you are a father and we are ready for the father-children tutelage from you sir.”

“We look forward to having you as a pillar and uplifting hand in our endeavour and growth.”

The comedy had also caught the attention of American actor, Will Smith, Actor, Dwayne Johnson, and basketball player, Lebron James and American actress, Taraji Henson.

The Bois had recreated ‘the Bad Boys Forever trailer, Money Heist, amongst others, for which they received alot of praise.

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