Yinka, A First-Class Graduate of UI Blazing Trails in Wildlife Management

One of the most outspoken lover and fan of Nigeria, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar alias Cardi B, had recently released a video in which she appeared to be cossy with a snake. But her friend Megan Jovon Ruth Pete alias Megan Thee Stallion had disclosed that Belcalis was very scared of the serpent and actually freaked out during the preparation for the music video. But there are young women who are not only calm around wildlife like snakes, but also study them and are passionate about their beauty and safety. Like Miss Adeyinka Adekunle who graduated from the University of Ibadan in 2016 with a First-Class Honours in Wildlife Management, a course that most youths may look upon as not popular or trendy. But wildlife conservation is one of the world’s most relevant professions, and a tough field to choose too, which apart from utmost intelligence, also requires emotional depth.

Yinka, who was born in Osun State, is according to the Nigerian Society for Environmental Conservation (NSEC), a passionate conservationist with especial interest in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the practice of wildlife conservation. She is at present, studying for a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science with a focus on GIS in the United States of America.

NSEC yesterday 10th of August 2020, recognised Adeyinka Adekunle as their ‘Member of the Week’.

The NSEC wrote:


Ms. Adekunle Adeyinka was born in Osun State, Nigeria. She earned a Bachelor of Wildlife Management (First-class Honors) from University of Ibadan in 2016.

Ms Adeyinka is a passionate conservationist with great interest in the use of Geographical Information systems (GIS) to achieve conservation goals.

Currently, she’s pursuing her MSc in Environmental Science with a concentration in GIS in the United States of America (USA).

Ms. Adeyinka is highly skilled in the use of ArcGIS Pro and ERDAS Imagine software; she is currently working on a research project sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture as a GIS and remote science analyst.

Prior to leaving Nigeria, she worked at the University of Ilorin, during her National Youth Service (NYSC Program) and was able to translate her passion for conservation while working with undergraduate students in the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management.

She worked with the head of the department and served as a supervisor for practical year students. She developed great interpersonal relationships and administrative skills in the process.

Due to her great interest in the use of technology to advance conservation objectives, Ms. Adeyinka interned with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and worked in the Lekki Conservation Centre as a member of the technical department.

She developed her skills in the use of GIS, worked as a geospatial analyst for all research projects.

She also was the social media campaign officer at some point and assisted in the organization of several conferences held as regards GIS and remote sensing in conservation.

When not in school or occupied with social activities, she spends her time writing as it is a dream of hers to have her writings published.

She looks forward to obtaining a PhD in Environmental Science, takes up a job as a lecturer and as a consultant in a conservation agency.

She believes strongly that the application of GIS combined with awareness and education will make a huge difference in the field of conservation. 

Go Yinka, NSEC is proud of you.

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