INSECURITY: Nigeria is Becoming Like Somalia- Pat Utomi and Ghali Na’Abba

The National Consultative Front (NCF), headed by Prof. Pat Utomi and Ghali Na’Abba have stated that with the rate of violence and widespread criminal activities in the country, Nigeria will soon become like Somalia.

The two said this via statement they jointly signed and released on Monday.

In the statement, the heads of the group also lamented the poor economic state of the country.

According to NCF: “I have pointed to the widespread violence, insurgency, banditry, and crime that is pointing us on the road to Somalia, the crisis in our educational system, and the economic troubles that keep our wellbeing in perpetual recursive mode.”

Ghali Umar Na’Abba.

“Everyone knows that without peace, progress is a pipe dream, yet we continue to mismanage the violence that is now Nigeria writ large.”

“My first point about the violence engulfing us today is that it is so without purpose. We seem all so vulnerable to nihilists.”

“Poverty and policy failure regarding education and economic growth are critical to reversing the situation. But I do not see effective deployment of soft power in dealing with the issues.”

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