Nigerian Army to Commence Production of Military Hardware, Signs MOUs

The Nigerian Army has today, the 6th of August 2020, signed Memoranda of Understanding with Super Green Security Nigeria Limited; Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria; and Command Engineering Depot, for the production of military hardware and other defence equipment. The signing of these MOUs are in line with the president’s Executive Order number 5 which was signed into law in 2018. It is meant to improve local content in public procurement in science, technology, and engineering equipment.

The Nigerian Army had keyed into the Federal Government’s desire to encourage individuals and organisations to produce their own needs or source for indigenous products and services, by manufacturing some combat vehicles and equipment like the Ezugwu Mines Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs), TYB Infantry Patrol Vehicles, the Conqueror (MRAPs), boots, steel helmets, fragmentation jackets, and so on.

The Chief of Policy and Plans, Lieutenant General L. O. Adeosun, represented the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General T. Y. Buratai at the signing. Both Major Generals A. B. Abubakar (retired) and S. S. Araoye represented Super Green Security Nigeria Limited and Command Engineering Depot respectively, while the Director General, Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria, Major General Victor Ezugwu represented them at the signing.

The Nigerian Army taking delivery of vehicles from Innoson Motors in 2018

Major General Ezugwu lauded the leadership of the Nigerian Army, for steering the Army towards self-sustainance in the development and production of military equipment. He said such drive by Lieutenant General T. Y. Buratai has saved the country huge amount of money that would have been expended on importation of hardwares.

It should also be of note that the Nigerian Army has been patronising local manufacturers of boots and vehicles in recent years on unprecedented scale. Chief among the organisations that they have patronised to encourage local production is Innoson Motors (IVM).

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