Nigerians Cry Foul as NCDC Discharges 11, 194 COVID-19 Patients in 1 Day

Nigerians on social media have descended heavily on the Federal Government and the discharge of 11,194 COVID-19 patients in a single day, by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC).

The total number of discharged COVID-19 cases as of Monday, August 3rd were 20,663.

The development was trailed with varying reactions, as some labelled the whole pandemic as a ploy by those in power to embezzle more public funds.

NCDC Boss, Dr. Chikwe Iheakwazu.

In their defence, the head of the NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Iheakwazu revealed that about 10,946 recovered COVID19 patients in Lagos State were being managed at home.

He tweeted, “Recently, we provided guidance to states, to report cases that have recovered but were managed at home. These cases have recovered but were not managed in/discharged from an isolation centre. Lagos has done so & this may apply to more states in next few weeks. #TakeResponsibility.”

@Tofey “What kind of magic happened to the discharged figure within 24 hrs?

@Dregue7, “Them don tire. But the virus increased rapidly when the lockdown was serious only to decrease when there is no lockdown anymore and people don’t give a damn about the face mask. If you ask me sounds suspicious.”

@husmanov, “They noticed people aren’t paying attention to them again like before. So they tried to close the gap.”

@destineddavid, “In the politics of this COVID I give it up to Lagos State 10,946 discharge in a day all managed at home.Nigeria I hail o. Congratulations and Thank God for life.”

@amaraedec, “Time for the virus to pack up. This is Nigeria, money has been embezzled, and millions of Nigerians have been thrown into abject poverty. While the Middle class are losing their jobs unabatedly. But guess what?? Nothing will ever be done. Just Cruise! We move.”

@AyanfeofGod, “Dear NCDC, I said I won’t check this your daily cases again but 11,188 discharged within 24hrs what’s happening here?”

@Mobytoolz, “NCDC don’t rate us.
11 thousand discharged in one day? Ananais and Sapphira didn’t even lie to this extent, yet they lost their lives.”

@harrizon_jnr, “NCDC discharged about 11,000 COVID19 patients in 24hr. If this continues we will be the first country to successfully fight COVID 19.”

@Alvinuzor, “NCDC discharged about 10,000 patients yesterday. Do we have vaccine or what is going on in Nigeria?”

@Madachriking, “It’s a miracle. I happy for the released captives. If NCDC like make dem dey cashout on this pandemic. Nothing lasts forever.”

@gbolohunadetunj, “That 11k discharged in Naij. I’m confused, on is NCDC for or against the virus.”

_olufisayo, “Most of these people they claimed got discharged are people they told to take care of themselves at home. NCDC for once didn’t check on these people. But once they tested positive, they add them to the list and update their budget.”

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