Omobola: All Police Officers and Civilian Involved in Harassment Arrested

The Nigerian Police has announced this evening 24th July 2020 that all the police officers involved in the viral video where an alleged accomplice of a robbery suspect, a young woman by name simply as Omobola, have been arrested along with their civilian partner by the name ‘Wyclef’. The three officers and one civilian Wyclef had had a fill filming Miss Omobola while they asked her irrelevant questions and made indecent comments about her, despite the young woman pleading that they should not film her while she cooperated by answering their questions.

The police authorities swiftly went into action to investigate the matter after the directive of the Inspector General of Police, IGP. They had earlier announced the Police authorities had identified the culprits and made arrest of two of them. Read the story here. They have disclosed this evening that Tope Owoeye, the one who was with the smartphone filming Omobola and leading the interrogation. The civilian among them by the alias Wyclef, has been arrested too.

Miss Omobola responds to interrogations

The statement from the police read:


The Nigeria Police have arrested the remaining two persons involved in the dehumanizing treatment of a female citizen in a viral video making the rounds since Wednesday, 22nd July, 2020, bringing the total number of persons now in police custody to four.

The two additional persons arrested are CPL Aiyedun Akeem and one Ope Owoeye – the civilian accomplice popularly known as ‘Wyclef’. Recall that ASP Tijani Olatunji and Inspr Gboyega were earlier arrested for their involvement in the case.

Investigation is still ongoing after which the Force internal disciplinary procedures will commence for the officers.

Meanwhile, Police Detectives from the State CID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos have established contact with the victim with assurances that justice will not only be done but will be seen to have been manifestly done.

The swift manner that this case of harassment is being tackled is extraordinary and reassuring. Citizens will hope that this approach is maintained for the image of the police to be trusted.

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