News of 386 Soldiers Disengaging from Boko Haram Fight Fake, Mischievous ~Army

The Nigerian Army has sternly denied that 386 soldiers voluntarily left the Army on account of their disdain for the manner of the fight against terrorists, saying that the 386 soldiers in question, had disengaged in a normal way unrelated to the fight against terrorists. The Army said that the soldiers disengaged at the end of their services. The Army said that the news of disinterest was a malicious intent to discredit the efforts of the Nigerian Army as exemplified by the contradiction inherent in the publications (see picture below) by the Premium Times news. The Army said that the soldiers are motivated and willing to fight security threats, as soldiers at the frontline debunk loss of interest.

Some senior soldiers spoke with journalists, dismissing the news being peddled in the social media, expressing surprise at the way misinformation was being quickly passed round, assuring that they are in high morale day and night, keeping watch over their territories, ready to strike armed bandits and terrorists they come across.

The Army described the news as “fake and mischievous news story by supporters of Boko Haram designed to dampen the morale of gallant and patriotic soldiers.” It said that “the 386 soldiers who left the Army disengaged in a normal routine exercise at the end of their service.” The Army said that the Nigerian Army is not in short supply of Nigerians willing to join its ranks, disclosing that “4600 patriots recently joined the Nigerian Army of which a large proportion opted to go into the Special Forces fighting terrorism.”

The Premium Times had on 5th April 2020, reported that the Nigerian Army had suspended voluntary retirement. Yet, it yesterday 11th July 2020 contradicted itself by reporting that 386 soldiers voluntarily resigned from service because of the harsh conditions of the fight against terrorists.

The Army advised Nigerians to avoid being made to heat up the polity through peddling of fake news about patriotic soldiers doing everything to secure the country.

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