Deaconess Nabbed for Burning 14-year-Old’s Genitals With Lighter and Hot knife[photos]

A 14-year-old girl has been severely wounded with a hot knife and gas lighter in her genital area by one Ms. Iyema Oyemola Oyewole, a deaconess with the Living Faith, who is also accused of serially abusing her for many months.

According to sources, the victim whose name is Princess, aged 14, was picked up from her parents by Yemi Awolola for the purpose of training her in school.

It was gathered that Princess’s father was the one who brought his daughter to Iyema Oyemola Oyewole in Barnawa, Kaduna in June of 2019, because they are not financially stable.

But her relationship with Princess grew sour in December 2019, after she accused her of stealing from her, and even called her father to let him in on her alleged attitude.

“He expressed concern because Princess was not known for stealing at home. He asked what she was stealing and the madam said ‘stuff’. He then asked if she had ever stolen money, and the madam said no.”

“So, he told the madam to bring his daughter back to him but she declined and instead asked for his account number, which he sent to her and she sent him N10,000. She reiterated to him that the money was not because Princess was staying with her but she usually give out donations during Christmas,” a social worker familiar with the situation said.

Iyema Oyemola Oyewole.

Princess’ father was greatly disturbed by this, and after not been able to talk to her daughter for weeks, he sent his wife to go and retrieve their daughter back to their village in Kuturah, Kajuru Local Government Area.

It was on getting to the Oyewole’s house in Barnawa area of Kaduna State, Princess’ mother was refused entry and denied access to see her daughter.

The mother however, persisted after which she was shown her daughter from a distance but was not allowed to touch or speak to.

“She was asked to also drop the chicken and grain she brought as a gift with the security men at Mrs. Oyewole’s gate,” the source added.

This left Princess’ family worried, causing them to repeatedly call Oyewole to return their daughter.

“The madam kept telling him she was in Abuja. So, the family gave an ultimatum to have their daughter back by 6pm last Wednesday or they would call the police.

“The girl was brought to them on Wednesday at 6pm in Sabo area of Kaduna State and it was then the family realised what their daughter had been going through. She had scars on her face after Oyewole burnt it with a hot knife. She had burn wounds in her genital area from when the woman’s two children, Nifemi and Tito, held the girl’s leg while the madam used lighter to burn her vagina and buttocks,” she said.

Princess’s wounded body parts.

Recounting her traumatic ordeal, Princess in an interview said, ”She always beats me. She recently called my father to come and take me away and that same day, she ensured that she beat me and I had a big wound.

“Every time she beats me, I have various wounds all over my body. Even if I am not feeling well, she forces me to work not minding that my hands are paining me from the injury she inflicted on them.

“On Monday, she beat me again and then used a hot knife to burn my face. She told her children to hold me down because I was screaming from the pain.

“She continued to press the knife against my face and then moved to my feet and then she left me alone and said I should go and take my bath. After I took my bath, she continued beating me. By then my face and legs were severely swollen.

“She then brought out an ice block from the fridge and started to press it against the sore wounds. She would always beat me like that and prevent my family from seeing me because of the wounds I had.”

It was also gathered that out of the 13 months that Princess lived with theOyewole’s, she was only allowed to go to school for one week after which she was banned when the madam reportedly found a carrot in her bag, which she had taken to school to eat because she was hungry. She was also beaten mercilessly over the incident.

The police arrested Oyewole on Friday while the family of the 14-year-old victim appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to ensure that justice was served in the matter and that their daughter’s abuser was not let off the hook.

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