Social Media and Movies Shaping Uninformed Youths- Covenant University Prof.

Prof. Sheriff Folarin, of Covenant University Ogun, has decried the adverse effects of social media on today’s youths, saying it has made them uninformed.

The university don went on to say that social media and movies have contributed to raising a generation of young people who have no knowledge of history. Something, he said must change if we are to have a better tomorrow.

It was at a virtual Covenant International Model United Nations Conference, that Folarin delivered this address.
He titled the presentation, ‘UN at 75: The Future we Want, the UN we Need: Reaffirming our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism.’

Prof. Folarin.

He laid down education, good leadership, building bridges and flattening walls/boundaries, actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals, among others, as requirements necessary to the realization of a peaceful, pandemic-free world.

He went on to say that a good education is made up of not just being able to read and write.

He explained that everyone needed to have historical knowledge from adolescent age, adding that with this, information such as the one million people killed in the Rwandan genocide and the two million who died in the Sudan’s conflict, would not be strange.

“Aside the foregoing, how many youths do critical reading or research today? Addiction to Netflix, Syfy, YouTube, European leagues and social media fake contents over and above good knowledge is a recipe for disaster.”

“The platforms are not bad for social bonding, but are bad when we are addicted to them and rely on them as our sources of knowledge. What we are seeing in the world today is a social media that breeds a new gang of mis-educated individuals who can only contribute chaos to an already chaotic world,” he added.

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