Church of Satan Denies any Affiliation with Abia States Lucifer

The Church of Satan has said that it has no attachment, whatsoever with the Assemblies of the Light Bearer Greater Church in Abia State, nor its founder who calls himself Lucifer.

Udo and his Church of Satan.

Ifekwe Udo is the alleged founder of the church, who was yesterday arrested by the Nigerian Police, Abia State Command, and his church building demolished by angry youths who believe he was bringing bad fortune to the host community.

However, on Friday, the Church of Satan headquartered in California posted a tweet, denying any affiliation with the Abia-based church.

The tweet.

“That’s not the Church of Satan, and he has nothing to do with us or Satanism. The group is called the Assembly of the Light Bringer. Please stop spreading misinformation and leave us out of this,” the tweet read.

The Church of Satan Statue outside Arkansas Capitol Building in the US.

The Church of Satan is a religious organization dedicated to Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San Francisco, California, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the Church’s High Priest until his death in 1997.

The theology of satanism and the Church of Satan is based on egotism, where man, not God is at the centre of everything. Men are taught to pursue their desires to the uttermost, even if it violates the peace and freedom of another individual.

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